A Makers Diary

Today I am starting my maker diary on my blog where I want to formulate my thoughts about making things for myself and for you, if you want to read it. What am I making? While most of my time... read on

Recruiters & Freelancers - Recruitment agencies

In our first episode we are talking about what recruitment agencies are and what they do. Why do companies book freelancers via these recruitment agencies? What do the agencies, freelancers and recruiters earn? Important answers to know, before deciding if... read on

Recruiters & Freelancers - Introduction

It's finally here: Kristina Bielfeldts and my podcast for freelancers and recruiters. While this first track is mainly an introduction, you can find out what we are planning for on the podcast site or see all articles about it. Check... read on

More poductivity/creativity through a diversity of thoughts

In this weeks Reply All there is a story about Leslie Miley who just left Twitter, because it was not diverse enough as a company. Imagine a white, techy male environment with similar backgrounds, educations, problems and thoughts. The problem... read on

Starting a podcast: Recruiters & Freelancers

Update: We are running a bit late. Expect us to be live around early march. This month I'll be starting a podcast for recruiters and freelancers. I'll be hosting it together with Kristina Bielfeldt from Computer Futures. We see quite... read on