I am building websites since 1997 (since 2002 for business) and photograph seriously since around 2000. Many of the projects I did cannot or should not be recovered. Some others you can see here. This is not my portfolio, rather projects I work on and participate in.


Together with Sonja Renner, Volker Kiehn and Dorothea Hertel I am organizing the art fair in Magdeburg for H2O Turmpark e.V. More on the german KUNST/MITTE website.



Timelog is a dead simple responsive web app to track your time across all devices. Tim and I started it back in 2013. More? #timelog

Timelog 2.0

Recruiters & Freelancers Podcast

In 2016 we made this podcast to bring recruiters and freelancers together. Happy to say that Kristina Bielfeldt from Computer Futures is hosting it with me.

Recruiters and Freelancers

Jugend Hackt

Once or twice a year I am a mentor at this hackathon for young people in Hamburg, but Jugend Hackt ist actually happening all over Germany.

Jugend Hackt