A Makers Diary

Today I am starting my maker diary on my blog where I want to formulate my thoughts about making things for myself and for you, if you want to read it.

What am I making?

While most of my time goes to & money comes from my freelance work I want to substitute that with a passive income. How I want to do this will be part of my coming diary posts.

Besides freelance I am currently working on these things:


An art fair in Magdeburg, my home town. In Germany there used to be a white spot of art fairs in the center. In 2013 I was invited to join a four member team to make it happen.


A dead simple time tracking app that lives in your browser. You can use it on any computer and put it on your home screen on iOS and Android. I use it to track my freelance time.


This is what I studied, but found hard to earn money with. I do staged images and landscapes. Although I have tons of other things to do I still want to do photography and try to go for the art market.

I have limited myself to these three bigger, ongoing projects, that are entirely different, because I don't want to run from project to project and leave half finished stuff behind.
I might do some short-term project that will take me a day/week, but I try to focus my time on the three above. I spend around 5-10 hours a week on those.

Next up will be an introduction to the three of those.