A new dawn

Over the past few months I‘ve been struggling with motivation to build a native iOS and Android version of Timelog.

I also found out about a competitor that also does time tracking and has the same obvious name. When Tim and I first started to project the domain we wished for hat already been taken, but was empty. We went with the name anyway. Today it is not empty any more and they do also have an app for time tracking called Timelog.

This puts both of our brands in a bad place. If we both want to keep on doing business, it‘s better we are distinguishable.

So I started thinking about a rebranding; I don‘t see them changing their name. And it got me thinking. It’s an opportunity for me. Why don‘t use it to make a completely revised version of my Timelog?

This way I can build in small steps/releases again, without keeping up with the old Timelog. I can also make a buch of improvements and leave stuff out, that did not work well.

So this is a new dawn for me. I‘m already revising some of the older concepts and improve user stories for what I have learned with Timelog.

There will be a first draft on iOS with very basic features.