Be transparent and communicate early

While I am currently working on a lean canvas for my Timelog successor, the art fair is taking place in a week.

We had different problems last year. The marketing part seems to work far better this year. We have switched from newspapers to display media. So far the feedback is better. We will know for sure, when the fair took place.

We are not able to solve space and parking problems until we move. I'll have news on that soon. Maybe even in a review from this year's fair.

The main thing

The main thing I want to write about is transparency early on; even with people outside your core team. What happened: I switched departments with one of my team members. Catering was also not going well last year and it was transferred into my hands. We had great cakes, cookies and drinks. But we also had the same warm food from the BBQ every day. We wanted to improve warm food, because we couldn't stand another saussage on day two of four. Others felt the same.

We set out to use the BBQ as a platform for more diverse warm food. But when we talked to a caterer, who is doing one of the special nights on the fair, they offered us to also do the general catering. We agreed.

When we told the other caterer for cakes and cookies, this resulted in a big problem, because she expected the job.

My key learning is to talk to people who are involved early on. We communicated after decisions where made.