easy and intuitive time tracking with Timelog

How long does it take to make some cookies? Answer e-mails or end that call with your mom? Find out with the new Timelog web app.

The other day Tim Herbig and I sat together over tee and cake at Gretchens Villa and talked about the web, mobile und coole apps, when he told me that he was desperately waiting for this first hours app on the iPhone.

Since it took somehow too long, we had the idea to create our own little app. We wanted many people on many different platforms to be able to use it right away, so we decided to go for a web app. A website that works like an app. It should work intuitive and without registration.

Timelog on all your devices

A few days later we got going and within two little sessions our beautify web app with a very clear layout, strong colors and an idiot-safe interface was created.

One you start a time, you can even shut down your computer. When you return to the web app, the time still keeps going.

If we could have measured our working hours it would have been about 10 to 12 hours for the both of us. A great time for a first little web app.

Check out Timelog and let me know, what you think. Because we are already planning improvements.