Introducing you to Timelog

Timelog is a dead simple time tracking app, that lives in your browser.

I started it with Tim Herbig, a friend of mine, in 2013.

What's so good about it? It will not make you think. When you hit the homepage the entire screen is a button you can click on to start a timer. As soon as you start it, you will be able to click on the entire screen - again - to stop it. And this is basically how you track your time.

First-off we created a cookie-based application, that would do just that and add a label to your logs. No login, no different projects, just that. It was very successful when we launched it just before Christmas 2013.

Timelog Web App on multiple screens

People loved it so much, that we decided to do more development on it. Over the next year we added a free account update, that would store and sync your logs between devices. We added projects and a pro version for 2,95€. People loved it again and many people signed up for a free account.

The main difference between the free and the pro account was the unlimited number of projects you could set up. And this is why only a few upgraded to pro. But we wanted to keep going and make the pro version more interesting. We hoped for more pro users coming in then.

But then life happened, we were busy on our jobs and Tim became a father on top of that. We would rarely make it to a programming session. In mid 2016 Tim decided to pull out of the project. I lost 50% of a team but wanted to keep going on the side.

We agreed on still using his name on the application, so I wouldn't have to change everything. And I kept going; slowly. Every few weeks I would do some programming instead of watching TV.

Just before Christmas 2016 I was able to introduce editing logs as a pro feature. And in February 2017 sharing projects and a few minor changes went live. I hope that this will attract more pro users. I want to be feature complete until June 2017. The following features are still to be done for that:

  • collaborating on projects
  • add logs by hand
  • special occaison emails (holiday, lots of work done)
  • a few bug fixes

When these features are online I want to ask my user what else they want. Things I got in mind:

  • Leave it the way it is
  • Offer a native mobile app on iOS and Android
  • Add a simple way to bill the time logged
  • Offer an enterprise solution with a few more features

We will see what the users want and then I'll make a decision.

I’m not planning on adding tons of features and jam the interface, because it’s actually the simple, basic way to do time tracking, that people love about it.


Timelog has over 2000 accounts with over 100 active users a month and over 20 daily active users.

I am currently having a good dozen of pro users. My goal for 2017 is to reach 30. I think it's mainly the missing features that stops people from upgrading.

Timelog is on producthunt, t3n and a few other websites that drive new traffic to the app on a regular base. There is about 5-10 new accounts per week. I might be doing some marketing around time tracking and using your time wisely to improve these numbers.


Now to the code base. It's awful. If I had the time I would rewrite it, I would do it. But there is no business reason for that. If the users go for a mobile app in the vote, I might get to do that as an Apache Cordova integration. We'll see.

So this is Timelog. Next up for introduction will be my photography side project. After that we’ll dive into more detailed aspects of what’s on my mind about these.