KUNST/MITTE 2017 - a short review

Today this years KUNST/MITTE is one month in the past. I decided to take a month off side-projects to recharge. Now I'll give a short review.

With just over 2000 visitors we had marginally more visitors than last year. This is especially disappointing to me, because I buckled down to grow it significantly; but failed.

In terms of our three main problems, I want to take into account:


We did put much more hours of advertising preparations, money and efforts into it, to learn, that it does not make a difference. Obviously from my last post we tried the standard way. It failed and now we will have to find things that work better.

Recognizing the entrance

This worked just fine. We had lots of signs up and I did not hear a single time, that someone did not find the entrance.


The parking lot flopped. To me for the simple reason of too few visitors to the fair. If we had more, the parking-problem would have multiplied. Therefore it is still a problem, but a fix might not be needed soon.


This is not going to be the end of KUNST/MITTE and next year we are going to be around again in early September. But, I have decided to spend far less time on the project.

All these bad details make it sound like a waste of time and energy, but it wasn't. Aside from the business-part it was a great fair. We don't have concrete numbers on this, but artists sold pretty well. And the visitors loved it: Nowhere within about 200kms they can find an art-fair of this quality.

So this is my first review. I'll let you know about our future path right in this place.