More poductivity/creativity through a diversity of thoughts

In this weeks Reply All there is a story about Leslie Miley who just left Twitter, because it was not diverse enough as a company. Imagine a white, techy male environment with similar backgrounds, educations, problems and thoughts.

The problem with teams, that consist of very similar types of people, is that they are going to produce a very narrow set of results. While this is a known thing in arts and in the creative fields, there is more and more research on this coming up for business environments. On Reply All they are talking about this metaphor: Where do you keep the ketchup? If you keep it in the fridge instead of the cupboard, you are rather going to replace it with either mayonnaise/mustard (fridge) or vinegar (cupboard) when it's out.

This shows how the same kind of thinking within a team will keep it, from finding new extraordinary solutions to a problem. To come up with new ideas/solutions (for some people this is art), you need thinking outside the common. This is more important than the best skill throughout the team.

Companies should learn from that and purposefully put together teams with people form different heritages, social belongings, cultures, genders and educational backgrounds.

You personally can look outside of your box and get to know things, that are not typically part of your set of interests. Embrace unusual input, it will probably be useful in your future.

You/your team will get to a point where based on all these different ideas and associations, you will come up with something new.