Personal data in social networks

Facebook, XING, Twitter & Co: Privacy vs. marketing in social networks. What to be aware of, when going online.

Social networks are the hub of our modern communication world. Understandably we love sharing with our friends on these networks. Problem is, we are sharing first of all with the companies that run these platforms.

Data you give away today, can be dangerous to you tomorrow.

Some platforms offer privacy settings, but we should not trust these settings to be in effect and enforced forever.

Despite the efforts of some service providers to protect your data, you cannot be sure, what happens to it, after you post it online. Absolute security is impossible. And it's not necessary. Giving your data responsibly is better than any firewall.

Some may recommend to use social networks with pseudonyms and have different profiles for work and personal life. But this also means that we are loosing the personal aspect of our profile.

I find it much more important to give away your data responsibly. You can achieve that by keeping a few things in mind:

  • Be aware that you cannot know what happens to data you give away. You don't know who's reading or processing it.
  • Only enter data every single internet user should be able to see. Only write, what you would write on your personal website.
  • Delete unwanted links to your profile posted by others.
  • Ask your friends to delete information, that might discredit you.

Happy chatting...