Revalidate side-projects for my 500k goal

I`ve been thinking over the last few weeks about my current side-projects and if any one of them is a good fit to reach my 500k goal.

KUNST/MITTE won‘t stand a chance. We are already expecting that we can be happy about 10.000 visitors a year. But that won‘t ever make 42k a month.

Timelog, my time tracking web app, could be a good fit, because I think it‘s scalable and still has a lot of potential.

Art photography is probably also not a very good fit, because it‘s a luxury good and it won‘t earn or save money, when you buy it. But, I think it can be more profitable than the art fair.

So I‘ll think harder about the time tracking option. For now I just have a new priority list: Timelog, photography, art-fair.