Starting a podcast: Recruiters & Freelancers

Update: We are running a bit late. Expect us to be live around early march.

This month I'll be starting a podcast for recruiters and freelancers. I'll be hosting it together with Kristina Bielfeldt from Computer Futures. We see quite a few gaps of knowledge on both side and invite you to fill in the blanks with us.

Recruiters and Freelancers

The podcast will be in german and focus on the German market.

Why is it for recruiters?

We will be talking about many of the technologies, organization tools and stuff, that you have in a job description and might not really know, what it's for.

Why is it for freelancers?

When you want to get into freelancing you don't know how to get a job, if an agency is someone you want to work with and how much to charge.

So stay tuned for more infos about our new podcast. So exited!