Success needs failure

Before I started freelancing at about thirty, I was trying to build a small scale web-agency business with enough money to live off and almost no work-hours to spend so I could work on side projects. I failed.

I eared too few money to reasonably live off for years. In my late twenties I finally realized/admitted. I entered an anxious but conscious transition phase. The goal was to escalate the situation to a point where I had to change something and find out when I get there.

And I committed to doing something, that I was trying to avoid desperately: Working 40 to 45 hours a week. I searched for an opportunity that was good-enough and wasn‘t waiting for one that would fit my personal desires.

It took two years to level up my skills to a—I guess—pretty good front-end developer. I found a niche at the intersection between front-end development and user interface design.

Good enough so I can start reducing my work hours next year and take a Friday off every two weeks. To work on my side projects. And I will work on making every Friday a side-project Friday.

Currently I am reading a book about times of uncertainty and their powerful impact on our lives: Der unendliche Augenblick (The endless moment) by Natalie Knapp.