A new dawn

Over the past few months I‘ve been struggling with motivation to build a native iOS and Android version of Timelog. I also found out about a competitor that also does time tracking and has the same obvious name. When... read on

It's not just all successes

When I chose my time tracking app for my 500k-goal I quickly started developing a native app. A native app is the next step for me to open up to regular app stores with easy installation for the end user.... read on

Choosing a commodity product

Just a quick note from me: For my 500k-goal I am choosing a commodity product. Wait. I already have a commodity product. Timelog, my time-tracking app, is one of probably thousands of applications out there. But why a commodity? I... read on

Revalidate side-projects for my 500k goal

I`ve been thinking over the last few weeks about my current side-projects and if any one of them is a good fit to reach my 500k goal. KUNST/MITTE won‘t stand a chance. We are already expecting that... read on

Timelog was feature-complete in May

In May I finished on all the features I wanted to add to Timelog for now. I think maybe collaboration is the next big new feature, but I will not cover it over the next year(s). I am rather... read on