Working life

Ever went for half-year goals?

2016 is around and many people have not only been making new-years resolutions but also setting goals for this year. Turns out a year is a really, really long time. This is why we tend to forget or change our... read on

Getting to inbox zero

Today I want to share one of my productivity methods with you. It's about keeping your inbox clean. Or as some would say: Getting to inbox zero. Maybe you already have a working pattern on how to work with e-mails.... read on

You are replaceable

Many people think that no-one could do the work they do within their company. They think they are irreplaceable or that they must keep up with their fellow staff. No going home early, especially when they come in late. That's... read on

Wrote a book in 48 hours

The book is in German and there is no translation available right now. I took it off Amazon and iBooks and might translate it and put it up again. This weekend I wrote a book. It's about getting projects done... read on

Livability in a working world

John Maynard Keynes place a simple thesis: Due to the fast advances in technology, our efficiency per hour will increase significantly and therefore we pretty much won't have to work in about 100 years. Sounds great, doesn't it? That was... read on