The numbers

In this post I want to go over the numbers that will hopefully get me to my 500k-goal.

What will it take to reach 500k (VAT excluded) a year?

I‘ll have to do almost 42.000 Euros in sales a month. This sounds very high to me, so I have been thinking about ways to make it feel more achievable:

42.000€ a month are:
42 sales of 1.000€ (about 1.200€ incl. VAT)
1.000 sales of 42€ (50€)
1.400 sales of 30€ (35€)
1.680 sales of 25€ (30€)
2.625 sales of 16€ (20€)
3.500 sales of 12€ (15€)
5.250 sales of 8€ (10€)
6.000 sales of 7€ (8,5€)
7.000 sales of 6€ (7,25€)
8.400 sales of 5€ (6€)

This actually got me more relaxed, as I felt that the 50€ tear is actually achievable for a pro-service. And even the 6€ tear means a lot of users, but the incentive to spend 6€ on something is low.

But on a regular basis?

Yes. I am a big fan of subscriptions over one-time sales for this one. I want to make these sales in part-time, so I cannot do marketing and maybe even customer onboarding every month over and over again.

A small effort to get customers on board is okay, but from there on they should be able to achieve everything without my manual help.