Time management on the web

The internet makes many things easier and especially faster. But why do we seem to have less time then?

The internet is great! We can find almost any information, if we search properly. It leads the way, even on the go. We can track what our family, friends and business partners are up to. Or it can tell us something about the song we listening to right now.

Despite all this information and help, we are not having more time than twenty years ago. We seem to have less. We use our time differently. We waste time, we could have used efficiently. Where? On the internet. This is exactly the goal web pages and apps have: To suck your time. The more you are on a platform, the more ads can be displayed, the more money can be earned.

This is not the problem. It gets problematic, when you spend time on the web, that was should have been used to relax. Is that the case? Than you might be addicted to the web.

You are an internet addict, when you are online for more than 35 hours a week, says Humboldt university in Berlin. An internet addiction can be surfaced by a deep urge to spend much time on the web; day and night. A side effect is that you are not very effective during these joy-rides, because your are starting to loop.

You are looping, when you check your mails, then go to Facebook to check for the lastest happenings, watch a video on YouTube, that was recommended to you and a few more, before you return to your mail provider to check your mail again and so on. This goes on until you are really late for something and must leave the web.
As a result big companies are cutting off the privately used internet for their employees. And this can be a good thing.

So how can you spend your time responsibly?

Become aware, when you start to loop and stop consciously. Long reads are maybe even better on a printed page on your couch.