Timelog 2.0

When Tim and I launched Timelog in December 2013 Timelog, there was a huge positive echo from all over the world. But still, we only created a better stop watch in that first 4 to 5 hours. The problem we were on to, wasn't completely solved.

Timelog 1.0 is probably the easiest web app to track time. But with Timelog 2.0 we want to make Timelog usable for daily life:

  • How can we store logs for a long time?
  • How can we synchronize longs over different devices?
  • How can we organize logs in different projects?

On these problems we have been working for a few months now. And today we are introducing Timelog 2.0!

Timelog 2.0

Timelog 2.0 will solve all the basic requirements to time tracking and will be free. On top we also offer a paid pro plan for the next level of productivity. With Timelog pro you are getting

  • Unlimited projects
  • Details to your logs

Timelog Pro is for people that track time for business. In a not so far future we also want to release:

  • CSV/PDF export
  • collaborative time tracking on projects
  • share tracked time with customers
  • edit single logs

Enough talking: It's time to have a look at the result timelog-app.com