Timelog was feature-complete in May

In May I finished on all the features I wanted to add to Timelog for now. I think maybe collaboration is the next big new feature, but I will not cover it over the next year(s).

I am rather interested in what the users think. So I ran a poll in May.

I only had a brief chance to go over it, but for now I can say that,

  • there will probably be an increase in price. I am thinking about 4,95 or 5,95€ per month.
  • a native desktop app that starts from your menu bar will come. At first with less features than the web app.
  • a native mobile app will follow
  • together with a remake of the web app

A few new features will be introduced with these new platforms. Offline tracking for once.

I don’t know about details or a roadmap yet. I will probably dive into this in late 2017. currently I am very busy with another side project of mine.

If you are a Timelog user, let me know, what you think. Return to this makers-diary or twitter for updates.