We love the missing features of Timelog

Over the last few weeks I have e-mailed with a few people who wanted to go to pro on Timelog (and had questions) and it struck me, that I forgot about, why people love Timelog. On a couple occaisions I asked them, what feature they love and all of them said the missing ones were so attractive to them. Because it's so simple and doesn't come with a lot of features.

While from a business perspective I think of adding in features to the pro account, users love it for the missing features.

So I will have to be extra careful, what to add and not to add. I want users to like it for the few features. But I also like to see them go pro. It's a fine line I will have to walk.

That's why I'll be changing my development plans and will go for the following two features:

  • Change starting time of running log
  • Add log by hand

After that, we'll see where I go from there.