More poductivity/creativity through a diversity of thoughts

In this weeks Reply All there is a story about Leslie Miley who just left Twitter, because it was not diverse enough as a company. Imagine a white, techy male environment with similar backgrounds, educations, problems and thoughts. The problem... read on

Starting a podcast: Recruiters & Freelancers

This month I'll be starting a podcast for recruiters and freelancers. I'll be hosting it together with Kristina Bielfeldt from Computer Futures. We see quite a few gaps of knowledge on both side and invite you to fill in the... read on

Ever went for half-year goals?

2016 is around and many people have not only been making new-years resolutions but also setting goals for this year. Turns out a year is a really, really long time. This is why we tend to forget or change our... read on

Timelog 2.0

When Tim and I launched Timelog in December 2013 Timelog, there was a huge positive echo from all over the world. But still, we only created a better stop watch in that first 4 to 5 hours. The problem we... read on

Getting to inbox zero

Today I want to share one of my productivity methods with you. It's about keeping your inbox clean. Or as some would say: Getting to inbox zero. Maybe you already have a working pattern on how to work with e-mails.... read on